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Exámenes Total (Total Exams) is an app designed for taking multiple-choice tests on the computer. The tests are completely adaptable and customizable, and allow you to include images, audio, etc. Its aim is to offer a tool that allows you to test students using a computer, to include punctuation, and to be convenient and easy to use.

Main Features:

Supports every version of Windows, Linux, and Novell

The test generator application is separate from the module that administers the test, which has an effect on its portability--you can prepare exames from home, etc.

Layout is very quick and intuitive, and supports mouse.

Encryptable database to keep it from being tampered with.

Ability to work on a floppy disk.

Limitless amount of tests and students.

Indispensable in colleges, institutes, academies, driving school, etc.

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